Born in 1980
Bhar Lazreg, Tunis (Tunisia)
Instagram @kaisdhifi

Kais’ practice introduces industrial aesthetics with elements of history, archeology, and fantastic realism to produces sculptures that question perceptions between ancient knowledge and technology of the future. He combines vernacular techniques and contemporary materials to create objects that someone from the future would treat with the same interest and curiosity that the artist expressed towards artefacts from the past

- Marcations, Group Exhibition, Magma Maria, Offenbach Am Main (Germany)
- Paroli, Group Exhibition, Definition Of Done, Köln (Germany)
- Spooky Parade, Solo Exhibition, Bhar Lazreg, Tunis (Tunisia)

- Flesh+Carbon, Solo Exhibition, Yosr Ben Ammar Gallery, Bhar Lazreg, Tunis (Tunisia)
- Cyclical, Group Exhibition, Bhar Lazreg, Tunis (Tunisia)

- Daily Cat Essen, Group Exhibition, Ruttkowski;68 Paris (France)
- The Same Moon Above Us, Publication (London, United-Kingdom)

- City of Poets, Solo Exhibition, Carthage (TN)
- City of Poets, Publication, Local Groupe (Tunis, Tunisia)